The Analysis of the Regional Dimension of Human Development in Ukraine

Andriy Kuzyshyn, Inna Poplavska


The article is devoted to important issue of modern regional analysis of Ukraine, i.e. peculiarities of regional development formation. All provincial regions of Ukraine were chosen for this analysis. The aim of the study was to determine trends of regional indicators during the period 2012–2015. The social component of sustainability reflects the quality of life and it is focused on preserving the stability of the social and cultural systems, in particular on reducing the number of destructive conflicts between people. The basis of our study was the method of the Human Development Index rating in 2015, conducted by the State Statistics Service of Ukraine and the Institute of Demography and Social Studies named after M.V. Pukhta, but with a reduction of performance indicators to four groups (comfortable life, prosperity, decent work, education). The results of our grouping allow for developing a number of measures to respond to current trends and adjust them depending on the situation. Areas with consistently high rates of human development dimension should extend its positive experience to other regional areas of Ukraine. A significant list of areas with average dimension of human development confirms the generally known trend that these areas do not conduct systematic improvement policy and optimal use of all components that can affect the standard of living. The list of regions, which are lagging behind includes regions that theoretically exhibit a powerful economic development which is however not reflected on the general welfare of the people in these regions.

Słowa kluczowe

life; decent work; education; Human Development Index; provincial regions of Ukraine; socio-economic development; welfare


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