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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • The article fully complies with the guidelines for authors.
  • The article was prepared in two files: full-text for the editors (with author’s name) and anonymized for reviewers (without the author's data anywhere in the text, with figures and tables included in main text in one file).
  • The author has read the information regarding publication ethics and confirms that the article has not been published in another journal.

Author Guidelines

Each issue of the Studies of the Industrial Geography Commission of the Polish Geographical Society contains papers, which are based on the presentation of research results and discussion points at international research conferences held in Kraków since 1985 on the industrial and service sectors.

Studies of the Industrial Geography Commission of the Polish Geographical Society contain only original, previously unpublished research papers on issues directly associated with each given volume.

Summaries of papers discussed at conferences are published in a book of summaries.

The journal “Studies of the Industrial Geography Commission of the Polish Geographical” is inluded in the list of scientific journals published by Polish Ministry of Science and Education.

We invite you to submit full-text papers in electronic form (MS Word or *.rtf) in the Polish or English language. The papers should be formatted as described in template file. For Polish-language texts, be sure to include a title, an abstract (1200-1800 characters), keywords (4-7) and a short biography of the author (300-1000 characters) in both the English language and Polish language. For English-language texts, be sure to include an abstract (1200-1800 characters), keywords (4-7) and a short biography of the author (300-1200 characters). The preferred paper length is 10-20 pages (18000-36000 characters with spaces). Once your paper is printed, you will receive one paper version of your publication.

It is especially important to clearly define the purpose of your paper. We also review the research methods used in your paper and the research literature discussed in your paper.

Basic formatting information:

  • A4 page format (margins: upper 2 cm, lower 2 cm, left 1,5 cm, right 3,5 cm);
  • Standard font: Times New Roman 12 pts;
  • Paragraph format: spaces between lines - 1.5, justified text;
  • Figures, tables and diagrams should be black and white or degrees of grey and should be stored as separate files;
  • Text length: 10-20 pages, assuming that one page contains about 1800 characters with spaces. The page limit already includes the title, abstract, keywords and short biographical note in the English language. For Polish-language papers, the above should be in the Polish language. The entire paper should be formatted according to the above specifications. This includes graphs and tables.

Detailed formatting information can be found in this file.

Paper submission procedure:

  1. author submits a paper for publication – formatted according to stated requirements – via e-mail or the electronic submission system available on the journal’s website
  2. Editorial Secretary checks if the paper meets all formal requirements – matches the journal’s research profile, matches the subject matter of the given volume, possesses the right format – and may require editing work by the author
  3. Editorial Secretary confirms that a paper has been accepted for further processing
  4. paper is reviewed from a science perspective by the Editor-in-Chief or Associate Editor and the Subject Editor – a paper may be formally rejected or sent back to be edited or supplemented; in the event of a problem, the paper is sent by the Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editor or Subject Editor to a member of the Science Committee or another specialist knowledgeable in the field of interest
  5. the paper is sent to two reviewers working with the double-blind review process; if the given paper is highly interdisciplinary or the two reviewers express very different opinions, then the paper may be sent to a third reviewer
  6. the Editorial Secretary notifies the author when the review have arrived and sends the reviews to the author; suggestions made by the Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editor, Statistics Editor or Section/Issue Editor may also be sent to the author, along with a deadline for an edited version of the paper
  7. author submits an edited version of the paper, along with comments if he or she does not agree with the reviewers, as well as a declaration of copyright
  8. the paper is accepted for publication following the review process and the author is notified of this fact by the Editorial Secretary; if the resubmitted paper has not been edited in a manner satisfactory to the reviewers or editors, it may be sent to more reviewers or returned to the author for more editing
  9. language editing and typesetting; the author may be contacted if certain expressions are not entirely clear or certain figures need to be reworked
  10. if a significant number of changes are made to the paper by the editors, it will be sent to the author for approval following the typesetting process along with a short deadline,
  11. the author is notified once a paper has been printed and will receive a personal copy,
  12. an electronic version of the paper will be placed in the journal’s online archive.

Cost of publication:

Articles are published free of charge.
Participants of the Krakow's conferences dedicated to issues of industry and service sector:  have apriority in publishing (fast-track review) – as part of their conference fee.


Important files for authors:

Guidelines for the authors: rtfpdf

Conflict of interest and contribution of authors statement: docpdf

Financial disclosure statement: doc, pdf

Copyright agreement: docpdf

Paper review form: docpdf