Siberian regional policy: the past and modern problems

  • Ivan Blinov Irkutsk State Transport University


The regional development of Siberia faces some difficulties nowadays and they are thought to be the result of historical development. According to American authors, Clifford Gaddy and Fiona Hill (“The Siberian Curse”), as well as some Russian scientists, such problems stem from the period of Soviet abusive colonization of Siberia, or even earlier – from the period of monarchy. But it is essentially hard to realize the situation of Siberia from the perspective of Moscow, let alone from abroad. It is also difficult to imagine the huge differences in territorial proportions, contrasts in Siberian regions, and distances between cities. So it is not acceptable to use non-geographical, dot methods in solving regional problems of Siberia. In fact, the regional problems are very complicated and multilateral, and we should study them with an open mind. Development of Siberia, the Eastern and Northern territories, was not something special in Soviet times. It was based on the whole country large-scale development plans and strategic objectives


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